Future Leaders of LANA Sponsorship

LANA is giving you the opportunity to attend an AANA National Meeting!

Are you interested in getting involved in the future of YOUR Profession? Do you want to learn more about governance and leadership within LANA and AANA?

We want to bring you to either the AANA Annual Congress, the AANA Mid-Year Meeting or the AANA Leadership Summit!

LANA will reimburse up to $2000 for you to attend one of these events. This will cover most, if not all, of the cost of attending these conferences.

Please note this survey will be evaluated anonymously and we ask for your information to contact you after the committee has anonymously reviewed all applicants.


The Survey to nominate yourself for the upcoming year will open October 1st and close on November 30th each year. Candidates who are chosen will be notified before December 31st to allow time to book travel arrangements for the upcoming year.

*2019 Deadline extended to December 31st.*

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